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Bay City Rehab & Wellness: Auto Accident FAQ

If you have an auto accident injury, chances are very good that you have a lot of questions about your injury. At Bay City Rehab & Wellness, we want you to have answers. Below we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions we hear from our patients following an auto accident.


Q:  How long will it take for me to fully recover from my auto accident injury?

A:  That depends a great deal on the type of injury you have and how extensive it is. It also depends on the quality of care you get and how soon after your accident you receive it. At Bay City Rehab & Wellness, our chiropractors have years of extensive experience treating auto accident victims, and we are confident that we can help you, too.

Q:  How does chiropractic differ from a traditional medical approach when treating an auto accident injury?

A:  Traditional medicine uses methods such as surgery and medications to treat injuries, whereas chiropractic uses manipulation and other natural methods to treat injuries. A chiropractor heals by manipulating bones and muscles to attain not only better alignment, but also to release the body's natural chemicals in order to heal in a more natural way.

Q:  What are the advantages of chiropractic as opposed to traditional medicine?

A:  Chiropractic is not invasive like traditional medicine. As a result, not only is healing faster, but the recovery time isn't nearly as long as it is with traditional medicine. Both have recovery times, but with chiropractic, recovery is the result of the injury, not in addition to the treatment.

Q:  How would I get started with chiropractic treatments?

A:  It's easy. Just come in to visit Bay City Rehab & Wellness to see how we can help you. At your first, free consultation, you will learn about how chiropractic works and how it might be able to help you recover from your auto accident injury. It's hard to guarantee that chiropractic methods can help you, but the same is true for traditional medicine as well. What we can promise you is that with chiropractic you will be well on your way to recovery much faster and with fewer negative side effects.

Don’t Delay Your Treatment After an Auto Accident

It’s very important to note that in Florida if you don’t begin treatment within two weeks after an auto accident, you will not be covered by your insurance for chiropractic care. Bay City Rehab & Wellness is here for you following an auto accident. Come in today for a consultation on how chiropractic care might be able to help you recover from your auto accident injury or give us a call at 813-874-2646 to set up an appointment.

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