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Common Airbag Injuries

Common Airbag Injuries

An auto accident injury is never convenient, and in many situations, they can cause abrasions, burns, fractures, and more. When an airbag ejects, it is a rapid and forceful action, and when it can cause major injuries while preventing worse. If you have been in an accident and have airbag injuries, it is important to understand the various injuries that can occur, what you can do if you have experienced an accident, and have concerns that you may have been injured by your airbag. These are just a few of the conditions we have seen at our Bay City Rehab and Wellness Clinic in Tampa, Florida.

Abrasions and Burns

The most common places for abrasions and burns to occur is on the hands and wrists. This is usually caused by the speed and force of the airbag hitting the driver. While this may seem less severe than fractures and brain injuries that sometimes occur during accidents, it can still cause severe consequences and disruptions to the victim's life.


Common areas to experience fractures related to airbags are the hands and wrist, however, the arms and face can also experience fractures. Not only can this cost thousands of dollars in medical expenses, but it can also seriously disrupt daily living.

Head Injuries

In severe cases, head injuries such as concussions may occur. Concussions vary in severity but can be severely damaging and even life-threatening in some situations.

Spinal Injuries and Subluxation

As previously mentioned, airbags deploy at a rapid rate of speed. This can lead to spinal injuries and subluxation, which is a misalignment of the vertebrate. A subluxation of the spine can cause a multitude of health issues and needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

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