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When the feet hit the ground, everything changes

Why your feet?

Think of your body as a building, with the feet being the foundation. The foundation is especially important because everything sits on top of it. When the body's foundation is compromised, joint movement, circulation, and basic functioning of the entire body may suffer.

Even if your feet aren't hurting, foot dysfunction can be transferring problems (and pain) to the legs, knees, hips, spines, and even neck and shoulders!

Why get scanned?

An optical scan of your feet gives your doctor and insight into the imbalances throughout your feet and body. You will get to see how dysfunction such as low arches, plantar fasciitis, bunions, and more are affecting your body's composition. After your scan, you and your doctor can discuss a plan that will help correct those imbalances.

Why custom orthotics?

Unlike generic, store-bought inserts, Foot Leveler orthotics are SPECIFICALLY designed for YOUR foot! Using the optical scan, Foot Levelers creates an orthotic that:

  • Is tailored to your exact foot and shoe
  • Is designed for any pre-existing conditions (plantar fasciitis, bunions, etc.)
  • Lasts for years

Foot Levelers' individually designed orthotics help to keep bones, tissue, and ligaments aligned and stable to support the body correctly. In addition, they can also:

  • Help retrain the muscles and ligaments
  • Properly distribute weight and absorb shock
  • Lead to improved functioning and movement of the entire body

Get scanned to see how your FEET are affecting your BODY today!

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