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Yin / Yang Yoga Class

We had our first 2 hr. Yin / Yang Yoga Class ( retreat ) two weeks ago. We had two classes that day due to the large response to attend. Teaching the class was Clare Seng ( our previous instructor ) and Michelle Smith ( our ongoing Yoga teacher now )

I have to say, not only was the class an amazing experience but the two instructors modeled Yin / Yang through both their personalities as well as the way they teach. It could not have been a better fit for them to teach as a team.

The class started with an hour of intense yoga and of course deep breathing. It was amazing to feel the heat in the room from the work. In the first class we had fourteen individuals who came to their mats from beginners to advanced students. At about the hour point, the class began to slow, we took a short break and then came back for the second half which was much more of a body awareness and meditation hour.

The instructors had told us that the meditation would bend time and an hour of meditation was equivalent to 8 hours of sleep and would feel like it was over in 15 minutes. This could not have been more true. At the end of the meditation as we were being brought back to this time and space, I honestly thought they were going to take us back into meditation for whatever reason, because I was sure it had only been 15 minutes. It had been over an hour.

Each person in the class had different experiences but each person was blown away by how powerful the two hours of work was. We got many requests to make this a quarterly thing and we have agreed to do the next retreat in April.

Every once in a while a class comes along that wows us. This was that class. I am so grateful to these two wonderful woman for sharing their work with us and for taking their time and talents to put this on.

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