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The permanency of injuries from an accident

The Permanency of Injuries from an Accident

More times than not, I will get to the end of an auto accident case and the patient will ask why they still have some ongoing problems. Why do I still get some stiffness from time to time or why have I not gotten my full range of motion back after treatment for my accident.

The reason that you see so many ads for personal injury attorneys is that all settlements from insurance companies are based on residual health challenges from that accident. If a patient has a full recovery and is in as good shape as they were before the accident, there would be no financial settlement. ( or at least it would be very low ).

The human body is an amazing structure. It can be knocked  down over and over and yet get up and continue to function. Repairs are made and this is called the healing process. But it comes with a cost.

The body will always try to stabilize what appears to be an unstable situation. It does this with stronger but "cheaper" tissue. If you cut your skin, a scar forms as the healed out come. A scar, although it is stronger than the original skin that it is replacing it is less elastic and less pliable.

If a disc degenerates and the vertebrae above and below the site are trying to keep everything stable, it will produce bone spurs as an attempt to stabilize the area.

This all being said, after an accident, there are injuries to ligaments, tendons, muscles, bones and nerves. Depending on the severity and depending on what was damaged and how the body fixed it, will depend on the residual problems. This is one of the main reasons I always advise all patients to make sure they are getting regular adjustments and body work to help stop any further degeneration as the years go on.

Don't forget you only have two weeks after an accident to report injuries or you are no longer covered for that accident. So even if you are not sure, give us a call after your accident and let us help you make it through the whole process.

The sooner you start care, the sooner you will start heading back to health again.

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