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Why multiple visits with Chiropractic care.....

Why multiple visits with Chiropractic care

Most people understand the whole process of Physical / Occupational therapy. You start with the therapist on a three times weekly basis and work together towards an end goal.

Chiropractic works in very much the same way and it probably the most misunderstood thing about beginning care in a Chiropractic clinic.

After a patient is examined and x-rays are taken, the doctor sits down with the patient , explains what is going on with their spine and makes a recommendation of care. Depending on the severity of the condition, this course of care could either be daily ( if a severe injury is at hand ) or at the very least three times weekly.

The reason behind a course of care is in Chiropractic we are attempting to make changes to the structure of the spine by affecting both the muscles and the alignment of the vertebrae. Like an orthodontist who uses braces, this does not happen in one visit. It takes time and repeated corrections to get the vertebrae realigned and to stay in their proper positions. The muscles are used to the bones being out of alignment and will make every attempt to put things back the way they were.

The other most important thing to remember is each time you undergo a problem with your spine, your response time is going to be different. Although it may feel the same as the last time you had the problem, healing time is dependent on so many factors....such has diet , stress, rest , weather ( believe it or not ) and mechanism of how the spine went out of alignment.

At Bay City we will make every attempt to get you well in as short a period of time, but like I said before, as the teeth ( which are bones ) take time to slowly realign with the proper pressure placed on them, your spine will take time to correct and then to hold it's correction.

One of the answers to good health is regular adjustments and regular massages. Take an active roll in your health care and put your spine in the proper position to keep you healthy

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