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What Not To Do for the Holidays

Holiday Suggestions from Your Tampa Chiropractor

What Not To Do for the Holidays

(Check out next week’s blog for a more positive spin: Keeping Healthy during the Holidays)

At Bay City Chiropractic in Tampa we strive to improve the health and safety of our patients. We compiled a list of safety tips and situations to try avoid this holiday season. It sounds a bit bah humbug, but better to be safe than have your holidays ruined.

A few safety tips from your Tampa Chiropractor for the Holidays:

Traveling: Avoid neck pain by packing your own pillow.  The number of patients in our office reporting stiff necks and headaches always increases in January.
Keep your bags light and lift with your legs to avoid injuring your back. Many calls come in for the Chiropractor when patients arrive back in Tampa after a long trip. 
In Tampa car accidents will increase during the holidays, so be aware and alert. Make sure if you are in a car accident to get checked out, injuries can result at only 5 miles per hour. (What to Do After a Car Accident in Tampa

Decorations: Make sure tree skirts and rugs are not a tripping hazard.
Keep all small decorations, berries and poisonous plants away from small children and animals.
Work with a buddy when hanging lights and decorations to avoid a fall. Our practice handles many ankle sprains and wrist sprains after the holidays.

Trees: Don’t let your tree dry out. Remove 2 inches from the trunk before putting in a stand, keep it watered and at least 3 feet from a heat source of open flame. According to the National Fire Protection Association an average of 230 Christmas tress a year will cause house fires.

Gifts: Be careful when opening hard plastic wrapped packages “clam shells”. 6,000 trips to the ER occur annually from trying to get them open. Amazon has been working with manufacturers to eliminate difficult and wasteful packaging for the sake of customers, shipping costs and the environment. 

Food: Use meat thermometers on roasted meat; the internal temperature should be 165 for poultry and 160 for red meat. Place all perishable foods in the refrigerator; do not leave out for more than two hours.

We would like to wish everyone a Safe and Healthy Holiday

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