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What to do if I get injured in an accident

So many times I am treating one of our regular patients and I will say..." I haven't seen you in a while how have you been?" to which they reply...." I was in an accident and was getting treated but I'm all done now and am back for adjustments."

When this happens I realize how important it is for our entire patient database to know that we treat auto accidents right here at Bay City Rehab and Wellness. In the age of changing laws, many people don't know what to do and either just suffer or call an attorney off of an advertisement, only to be directed to whatever clinic that attorney likes to work with, not knowing all along that you have the choice to be treated anywhere you like.

At Bay City, we work with many attorneys in handling the ins and the outs of car accidents. Our main job here is to get you well from your accident, however, we also have to be aware that the proper testing is done ( such as MRI's or neuro / ortho evaluations ) so that you the patient knows of any permanent damage that was done to you before settling your case.

For injuries outside the scope of Chiropractic we have also added on Occupational Therapy. A therapy aimed at function. Taking the body parts that have been injured and rehabbing them to perform functions that they had been doing before the accident.

So remember in the unfortunate situation of an auto accident or a slip and fall, give us a call and let us help you through all of the red tape that is the personal injury

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