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Things Doctors Say

I read a post on facebook the other day that was a cartoon about a patient asking questions about their health and the doctor's response. In the cartoon the doctor tells the patient to meditate more, eat better food, exercise etc......

The person that posted this asked why doctors don't recommend that and only recommend medications.

Let me start by saying the there are many times that medication is needed and should always be recommended Ie: Diabetes, Epilepsy, Bi-polar disorder, just to mention a few, however, there are many times that patients need to hear that their lack of participation in their own health is what is causing them to be sick. Then there are times when unexpected stress is thrown our way and our health goes tumbling down as a response.

When people hear a doctor say that they need to get stress out of their lives, most respond..." yeah right, I'll do that as soon as I'm feeling better"

The biggest step in handling stress in your life and therefor affecting your health in a positive way is to simply go quiet. Sit down somewhere in a quiet room, put some music on if you like ( without any words ) and just stay present to the sounds of the music and the room. As your mind wanders and you start to think about everything else in the world that needs to get done, simply bring your mind back to the present moment and the sounds of the room. You might be able to do this for only 5 minutes when you start but the effects of this simple practice will bring great benefits in your health.

Look at our upcoming class in April to learn more about this practice and think about joining us..........

For your health.....

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