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Secrets to Ongoing Good Health

In treating patients over the past 32 years, many times the question comes up...." What should I include in my healthcare regime?"

This is a really good question and I am sure has many answers that could be correct. I have found over the years, that the following works for me.

Always start with a good physical, so that you know where you are starting from and if there are any current needs in the body that need to be tended to.

Once you have a clean bill of health ( and if you don't, there are natural ways to address most issues first ) your goal will be to keep yourself healthy. The formula for this must be a balanced one, including mind, body and what I will call spirit but in actuality can be nothing more than going within yourself to check in and see where you are at.

Mind: sit down and organize your thoughts. Using lists can be helpful. For so many of us, the feeling of anguish and or fear can be nothing more than having a multitude of thoughts circling around your brain and an actual fear of looking at them because they may become too much. Take the plunge, sit in the quiet and just start to write down all the thoughts that come to you. You will be amazed that it's never as bad as we think and there is a fresh clearing feeling that comes from finally having them out of your head.

Spirit: This is nothing more than sitting in silence and staying in the present moment. A form of meditation. How often? As often as you can. This is a very tough practice. Do not allow all of your thoughts to come center stage but let them be, knowing you can pick them up again. and just stay present in the room you are in. Practice makes perfect and once you get good at this, you will find during the most stressful times, this will offer you a place to rest.

Body: The body is an amazing structure. For so many years, we were taught just to tend to it when something goes wrong.  We are learning that the human body should constantly be tended to.

Exercise , Stretching, Cardio , Chiropractic , Massage , Acupuncture and Nutrition are the basis of a good health. There are many other things that need to be tended to on a regular basis such as your teeth and your eyes. All of this should be ongoing.

As they say...Health is NOT a destination...it is a journey. Stay active, always, on your journey and you have a much higher chance of ongoing good health.

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