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Why take Vitamins?

So why take vitamins?

So many times a day when I ask someone if they take any vitamins the answer I get is .....I eat really well, so I don't see the need for vitamins. I have even heard this from Medical Doctors and other professionals.

So can I eat well and avoid having to take vitamins?

At one time this may have been possible, but even if you had all the expertise in the world to know what to eat to support your body through the current environment, the foods we are getting in the supermarkets today don't have the value of nutrients that they once did. It now would take four apples to provide you with the nutrients that you would get out of one back in the 1940's.

With the government subsidizing crops like corn and soy, there is not as much rotation of crops as there used to be, so the soil is leached of all the nutrients that once were there. Between that and the chemicals used in the soil and artificial additives to cause quicker growth you are starting behind the 8 ball to begin with.

Now add into that all of the chemicals in the air and the water and the only way to stay healthy is to stay ahead of all of this by properly supporting your body with vitamins.

I am always happy to sit down with someone to help them get started . We also have access to professionals that work with patients not only on support of general health but are well versed in vitamins and herbs to support and help the body with different conditions.

Also remember if you are on any medications for any conditions there are proven vitamins and herbs that will help that medication to work better and ones to help the body counteract the side effects.

Take care of your body and it will take care of you. This thing we call the human body is not a low maintenance machine. It needs care and needs the proper fuel to run and stay healthy.

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