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Auto Accidents....What to do ? / Where to go?

Auto Accident ....What to do ? / Where to go ?

Auto accidents can be very confusing. We all know someone that has been in an accident and with the changes in all of the laws over the past few years, most of us don't know what to do and where to go if we are injured.

It is always disheartening to find that one of our patients or their family members have gone somewhere else after an accident, not knowing that they could receive their treatment right here.

Here are a few things to know in case you are faced with an accident.

1. You have two weeks to seek medical or chiropractic care after the accident. If you wait any longer or just think you are probably ok and the pain shows up weeks or months later, you will not be covered. By calling us at Bay City Rehab and Wellness ( Chiropractic ) , we can not only help you with your injuries, but help you through the whole process as well.

2. If you are not at fault and you wish to retain an attorney, or just don't know if and why you should, come speak with us and again we can help you in this process. We recommend strongly against picking your attorney off of an advertisement. Hiring an attorney is an important decision and you should do your research before hiring one. Again, we can help you with this in that we deal with many attorneys with our other accident cases.

3. Although as consumers, we pay for $10,000 in coverage for medical care, with the new laws, we now only get to use $2,500 unless you went to the hospital from the accident scene or if your condition warrants what is considered to be an "Emergency Medical Condition ".  At Bay City, we now have an MD on staff that can meet with you, review all of your tests and proclaim you as an Emergency Medical Condition allowing you full use of your benefits.

Again, accidents can be life changing and very confusing. Let us here at Bay City Rehab & Wellness walk you through the process and get you on the road to recovery.

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