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Turn Your New Year’s Resolution into a Revolution

Turn Your New Year’s Resolution into a Revolution

Every year half of us will make a New Year’s Resolution and less than 10% will achieve their goal. Our Tampa Chiropractors, Acupuncture Physicians and staff would like to help you turn your resolutions into a revolution of health and wellness.

The number one resolution for people in Tampa is to loose weight and not far behind is staying fit and healthy. Bay City Chiropractic has a few suggestions to transform your resolution with a personal revolution of life long goals and changes to help live a healthier life.

1. Start with a Check Up at your Tampa Chiropractor -  Bay City Chiropractic in Tampa has appointments starting on Jan 2 for 2014. Before you hit the gym, sidewalk or court, address any lingeringjoint pains, sprains or nagging problems that may side track you from your activities. A thorough Chiropractic Examination can get to the root of many spine and joint issue that have the potential of progressing into a chronic condition. Chiropractic can improve your balance, coordination, flexibility, and align your spine for reduce stress on all of your joints.

New Year's Revolution Tampa Chiropractor Acupuncture

2. Select a Theme – We decided on the Year of Optimal Health and Wellness. Think about what you aspire for the year ahead, maybe to be more active, eat healthier or learn to relax. Start at the top of your list with a theme that you believe & are committed to working toward.

3. Set Achievable Goals – Create a list with manageable goals: workout 30 minutes a day or no sugar or other white food during the week. Setting healthy activities rather than a number on a scale. This will maintain better results long term and contribute to life long healthier habits.

4. Remind Yourself Frequently – Put a post it on your desk or bathroom mirror. Set a daily reminder in your phone or email. Reinforce your positive behavior changes in a fun and exciting way. Sharpie a reminder on your hand, put a string on your wrist, even change your passwords to a special reminder of your goals.

5. Get Support – Tell your friends, family, colleagues and your Chiropractor about your plan. The more support, the more empowered you will be to make your goals, plus revolutions are much easier with an army for support. People in your life want to see you prosper, give them the opportunity to help along this new revolutionary journey. Tell our Chiropractic and Acupuncture Physicians, Dr. Barry or Dr. Friedman, your plan and they will be glad to offer encouragement on every visit.

6.Do It – Take a hard look at past challenges on living healthier, take note and make a plan on how to move beyond them. Stick to your revolution plan, but don’t be critical if you slip a little, get back up and do better the next day.

Example Resolution - Revolution Plan 

Year of Optimal Health and Wellness – My Personal Revolution

1. Get a Check Up by Tampa Chiropractor Dr. Scott Barry at Bay City Chiropractic
2. Gym Work out 3 days a week after work, targeting more core and Balance exercises
3. Yoga Class once a week, invite a few friends for support – Cat and Downward Dog before bed and in the morning. Sun Salutation every weekend morning
4. Walk the Dogs, they need the exercise and so do I. Talk my other half into joining
5. Meditate 10 minutes a day, even if it means hiding from everyone in the bathroom
6. Practice Kindness Everyday, make an effort to talk positive and support my loved ones
7. Try Acupuncture this Year – Make an appointment with Dr. Freidman to help balance my body and discuss my nagging headaches
8. Shop the Perimeter of the Grocery Store - always have healthy snacks around.
9. Plan a Weekly Massage – Make an appointment with Bronwyn or Jacob for a weekly massage, check with my insurance and HSA to see it is covered.
10. Love Myself – Everyday be proud of the positive changes I am making with my My Personal Revolution of Health and Wellness

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